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Editor’s Note: This article first published after the premiere of Ray Donovan Season 5; since then we’ve had a few new clues to the season’s central mystery which have been added under “Update.” If you are not caught up, then be forewarned that there are There are some certainties when it comes to Ray Donovan.Ray (Liev Schreiber) is probably going to be stressed and repressed (mostly about the past).The more things change, the more things stay the same with the Donovan clan, and in many ways it’s one of the reasons that — five seasons in — we’re still watching.Like in the way the family relies on one another, we can rely on the show to bring us certain formulas and character behaviors.Bunchy (Dash Mihok) is going to be trying to find himself.

The Jones family is rounded out by the eldest son, Clay Jones portrayed by Pooch Hall as the mercurial head of the family business; Chrystee Pharris as the only daughter, Crystal Jones, JUMP's CFO; and hard-partying youngest brother Anthony Jones portrayed by Blue Kimble.I thought that the car wreck had something to do with her eventual death, but it looks like the show is leaning in hard to parallels between Ray’s mother and Abby, and thus Ray and Mick (as Ray — truly his father’s son — runs around cheating on Abby instead of spending meaningful time with her and their family).As I have always said, Ray Donovan is at its best when its stories are personal.We haven’t seen it be this clear maybe ever before, and my sadness over Abby’s death might really be about the missed opportunity for her character to share in this kind of deep relationship with Ray in a more overt way (one that is more than an afterthought when it comes to his guilty conscience over cheating).Update: “Dogwalker” confirmed that Abby’s cancer came back, in a striking scene in the Donovan home where she looks like she has been through, or is still going through, chemotherapy.

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