Updating xml

When trying to use a bash script to read a csv file and delete all of those attributes, the script itself says that it was successful but it does not update the user.

I’ve looked at both the JSS and the API and the info is not updated.

I can't seem to get the right combination of property and method nodes to perform this function. Parsing and updating the XML-content itself is easy.

The updating-part I do dynamically myself using the Match pattern -function and recreating the XML-output string.

I can load the XML string without a problem, but I would like to change that single element of the XML string and output the whole string with the change. If your XML-string format is fixed then you can easily insert the new value with "Format Into String" -function and then feeding the changed XML-string into the Write method. In that case replace the Numeric control with String control and use %s instead of %d in string format..

= "" ]; then echo " ERROR" echo "" echo "***AUTHORIZATION ISSUE! ***" echo "" exit 1 fi #Error Checking Uerror="" Uerror=`echo $Uoutput | grep "HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"` if "$Uerror" != "" ; then echo " ERROR..." sleep .5 echo "$username Not Found." echo "" else echo " OK" sleep .5 echo "$username Updated Successfully." echo "" fi done I only looked at your script briefly, but it looks like you're only counting 404 and 401 as errors. Have you verified that you're getting a 201 response? Value == "1" select item; foreach (XElement item Element in items) xml Doc. Map Path("data.xml")); var items = (from item in xml Doc.


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