Speed dating near scunthorpe

Designed by the Elves as a cerebral interlude in the midst of all the wrapping, decking, basting and wassailing, it invites you to plunge your arm deep in the seasonal bran tub to recover shiny filbert nuts of interestingness.

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(a) Clay (b) Mayflies (c) Bird excreta 8 Which of the following isn't a member of the nettle family?

(a) Table tennis (b) Squash (c) Billiards 17 Which country has the highest per-capita coffee consumption in the world?

(a) Finland (b) Yemen (c) USA 18 Ballantine's whisky warehouses on the Clyde are protected by what?

(a) White chocolate (b) Dark chocolate (c) Milk chocolate 31 According to the International Cloud Atlas, which of these is the highest?

(a) Cloud nine (b) Cloud zero (c) Fog 32 In which country was the Can-Can invented?

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