Netflix instant queue not updating

to its streaming customers on Wednesday, giving international users a way to save titles for the first time.US customers who'd been using the old Instant Queue were also migrated over to My List.If you live in the United States and are a Netflix Streaming subscriber, you've long been able to save movies and TV shows for later viewing on your Instant Queue.As of today, there is no longer an Instant Queue option for streaming customers — it has been replaced by something called "My List," in which Netflix's recommendation algorithm organizes your options into the items you are most likely to want to view immediately. Netflix Streaming user who (like myself) enjoyed accessing your queue on a computer or laptop and manually managing your list, all you have to do off the Netflix homepage is click on the "See All" link next to the "My List" heading, and then click "Change Order to Manual" in the upper right corner.The updated queue has the best of both design worlds, incorporating familiar and new features.Get acquainted with your new queue by watching this one-minute highlights video: Plus, check out the new mobile view.

My List lets you create a customized row of TV shows and movies you want to watch as you browse our catalog.To find your My List, visit List, or sign in to Netflix on your device and scroll to the My List row.The kid-friendly section of Netflix does not display the My List feature, but you can switch back to the standard Netflix experience at any time to regain access. Visit My List is missing on my i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch or Netflix is missing movie box art, search or My List.My List is available on the Netflix website and all Netflix ready devices.Some older devices may refer to My List as “Instant Queue,” but it functions exactly the same way.

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