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There were five of them: Frankie Lymon (lead tenor), Jimmy Merchant (first tenor), Herman Santiago (second tenor), Joe Negroni (baritone), and Sherman Garnes (bass).They were not the first group to have a young lead: Frankie was 13 when he started recording; both Ray Wooten of the Mello-Moods and George Grant of the Castelles had been 16 when their groups had first recorded several years earlier, although they both sounded much younger. Many things that we somehow feel lasted a lot longer, only lasted eighteen months.The pony express was only in operation for eighteen months.The rabbit test was only used for eighteen months (and the poor rabbit always died).The Empire State Building was put up in only eighteen months.Then Sherman hooked up with a Hispanic neighborhood friend, Joe Negroni (who was in the process of forming a group, to be called the Ermines, with his friend Herman Santiago).

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His reply was "I can sing anything." So Goldner asked them if they had any original songs.You didn't have to go far, only a half-mile or so, and you could keep someone's neighbors up half the night by practicing in the hallways. Jimmy and Joe were always there, but you had to hunt up Sherman on some basketball court and Herman on some baseball diamond before you could start.) One day the Ermines did a talent show at PS 143.The Cadillacs were guests on the show (Earl Carroll, Earl Wade, and Bobby Phillips had gone to PS 143 themselves).In 1954, his family moved to the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, where he met bass Sherman Garnes at Edward W.Stitt Junior High School at 164th Street and Edgecombe Avenue. ) that was called the Earth Angels, after the Penguins' monster hit of the same name.

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