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She uses her planning acumen and technical know-how to keep the President safe from their (many) would-be assailants.Shaundi is a Caucasian female with sandy brown (Saints Row 2) or dark brunette (Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV) hair who looks to be in her late teens to early twenties as of Saints Row 2.

Her outfit consists of a black blazer done up, but the top opens out which exposes her cleavage, a matching skirt that goes down to just above her knees, a pair of tights, and a set of black pointed high heels.If you were not quite heterosexual, it really didn't matter because you would still pick out a suitable member of the opposite sex to marry.Nowadays, of course, incest is frowned upon and homophobia is becoming less common, so these good reasons for a purely convenient marriage shouldn't be so prevalent. Often, a marriage of convenience is a mutually beneficial agreement, with both parties profiting from the binding - it may even involve a contract - but not always.Shaundi has hazel/brown eyes, she appears to be very healthy.In Saints Row 2, Shaundi's chest-length hair is made into sandy brown dreadlocks, and she wears a Women's Camisole 4 in slate grey, light purple bell-bottom jeans and black and white converse sneakers.

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