Dating a wasp guy

The reader likes Bridget because of her shortcomings—not despite them.

Chicklit heroines run the gamut of feminine tropes.

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Peggy is a transplant to New York and has moved around her whole life.

The worst ones are ridiculous paragons of womanhood.

These main characters are beautiful (but of course they don’t know it—disingenuous tripe); successful; often have a handsome (if bland) boyfriend; and of course the obligatory spunky BFF, sometimes with a second pal that is an archetypal gay man thrown in.

Frankly, no one wants to read about a girl like that, unless it’s to watch her get her comeuppance.

The second chicklit protagonist is the plain, often slightly chubby, feisty–and they are always feisty—heroine who manages to land the handsome hero.

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