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Plus, textpert questions like what to do if you're the other woman and how to escape from an abusive relationship.

Amanda Duffy from A Question of Love joins to discuss dating someone of another cultural background, being in a relationship with someone who has a child, and the ways the TV series, A Question of Love helped her grow.

Headlines include AI and VR dating, the Hater dating app, sex drive of Japanese women and Jennifer Lawrence's love life. Doctor Aesha, The Black Love Matchmaker, highlights the struggle for single Black women and discusses how love can cross a cultural divide.

Headlines include will Meghan Markle be the first Black Royal, the sexiest accent, domestic violence in young...

Headlines include how Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard almost split up, Tindstagramming, and AR Dating.

Plus, Textpert App questions, including how to make a move on Instagram and what to do with your boyfriend after you’ve found someone bet Jonathan & David Bennett, dating coaches for shorter man from The Popular discuss the challenges of dating when you’re height doesn’t quite "measure up." - Plus Textpert App questions like Who should pay on the first date A woman dates on Tinder with a BIG secret, old fashioned dating advice we should pay attention to today, and new statistics on divorce.

Headlines include: How you can tell a cheater from their face Weight bias in dating Why teens are having less sex Modern dating advice prepared five ways for Ray's last show: in the Love Expose the topic is contraception then in technically dating we answer questions like - what do you do if you match with an ex on a dating site?

Kinda Dating Podcast host, Natasha Chandel, gives the scoop on how she overcame her own commitment phobia and shares the signs of commitment phobia that she sees in the single world.

Damona Hoffman and Co-Host Ray Christian break down the latest in modern dating and relationships on this episode of Dates & M. Pepper Schwartz of the hit TV series, "Married at First Sight" gives sex, love, and relationship tips for Romance Awareness month.

Plus your questions like can you love someone who is locked up and how could you forgive a cheating husband?

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