Bpd dating pregnancy

What no one can deal with is the crazy person who insists she’s being sane – or the cheater who blames his wife for his cheating.That’s no way to heal things – even according to the couples therapist.You may be extremely accomplished and successful--but the Borderline will methodically learn what's when a woman leaves--but a Borderline leaves you feeling guilty, ashamed, castrated, unlovable, emasculated, worthless, etc.You start believing that if she returns, you'll be able to get rid of these horrible sensations, and feel okay again.Don't expect her to admit to this, as she never will.Certain aspects or common denominators are present in males who attach to Borderlines.

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The best couples are the ones who OWN their behavior.I suspect many readers will reflexively think it does. Neither does relationship therapist Molly O’Shea, recently cited in the NY Times.O’Shea specializes in this sort of marriage counseling, which routinely takes a year or more of effort.In order to put the relationship back together, O’Shea cites a couple things which I think are worth sharing: 1.“She asks the person cheated on what it would take to regain trust and what the cheating spouse can do to prove the affair was a mistake.

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